What is Leader?

It is a way to financially support small local projects, which improve financial, social and cultural well-being in rural areas. It is also a way to support education and activate local inhabitants, companies and organisation to develope their own area.

What about Kärki-LEADER?

Etelä-Karjalan Kärki-LEADER ry (South Karelian Kärki-LEADER c/o) is one of the 54 local action groups in Finland. It operates in the rural areas of Imatra and in the towns of Ruokolahti, Rautjärvi and Parikkala. The 12- membered goverment of the action group consists equally of the representatives of local inhabitants, organisations and public administration.Locally made development plan is the basis of the work of the organisation. The aim of the devlopment plan is ”improvment of the quality of life in rural area; work and living, welfare and comfortability”.The annual membership fee is 15 euros for local inhabitants and 30 euros for organisations.

Contact information

Etelä-Karjalan Kärki-LEADER ry
Parikkalantie 45
59100 Parikkala, FINLAND

Email: karki.leader@co.inet.fi
Homesite: http://kylat.ekarjala.fi/karki-leader/

Executive director
Ms. Riitta Bagge
Phone: +35850 5969 489
Email: riitta.bagge@pp.inet.fi


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