Vainikkala In English

Vainikkala is an important logistical gateway between the European Union and Russia. The main railway leads from the ports of the Gulf of Finland and Bothnia to the Russian metropolises St. Petersburg and Moscow, and furthermore all the way until the rising economic powers of Far East. The railway gateway to the east opens in Vainikkala, in the south-eastern border of Finland.

Vainikkala is a lively South-Karelian village with about 400 inhabitants. The village is part of Lappeenranta, being in fact the most notable centre of the non-built-up area. The village has versatile cultural and sports activities and plenty of natural values. Lappeenranta can be easily reached by bus and taxibus. The distance to Lappeenranta is about 30 km.

Vainikkala offers many good building lots for potential land owners and house builders. Those having a business in Russia benefit greatly from living in Vainikkala, due to the vicinity of the border.

For companies operating in cargo transportation between Europe and Russia/Far East, Vainikkala is a natural and most suitable location.  It is possible to reserve areas for different kinds of logistics operations, storehouses and terminals near the railway yard.


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